corrosion protection and leakage control
Leakage control
PLCS Limited is a highly specialised company who have pioneered the supply and installation of products to permanently repair all types and sizes of leaking gas distribution pipe joints. Our 30 years of experience in the gas industry has resulted in the development of the products of the highest quality that are approved by the worlds leading gas authorities. PLCS Limited has become a valued partner in the utilities and industrial markets. Supplying reliable and cost effective solutions to meet customer requirements in the field of gas leakage control.

Low Pressure joint repair (0-170m/bar)

Semi medium pressure joint repair (0-0.75 bar)

Medium pressure joint repair (0-2.00 bar)

Special fittings repair (0-0.75 bar)

Medium pressure fittings repair (0-2.00 bar)

Medium pressure joint repair (0-2.00 bar)

Screwed joint repair (0-170m/bar)

Rayseal heat shrink repair sleeve (0-170m/bar)

GRSM riser heat shrink repair sleeve (0-170m/bar)

Polyethylene pipe repair kit (0-2.00 bar)

Interflex joint injection system (0-2.00 bar)

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